About "Us"

Hello! I’m Sam of Sgoodwin Photography.  A freelance photographer, located on the Sunshine coast.

Originally from the long white cloud of New Zealand, however myself and my partner have settled in, and love calling the Sunshine Coast home.

My photography is very dramatic which brings raw emotion. I appreciate how the clouds and sun connects during a sunrise / and or Sunset which produce a work of art. Theres nothing more amazing. Intense colour that just explodes. This is what I look to capture.
The presence for the colours, sensation and vibes draws me to capturing unique and magnificent moments.

Addicted to the feelings that nature can improve your talent and skills drawing you back to always wanting more. capturing different colours and different ideas.

A concept of meditation, when placed in nature and watch the stars rotate around me or an incredible sunrise. When you put yourself behind the camera everything changes.
you’re in the moment!

I feel extremely rewarded that with my talent, I’ve been able to make a difference in people’s lives, donations, Charity events. Being able to provide something that I can give back, in a different way.

Please feel free to follow my adventure through social media. Or get in contact sam@sgoodwinphotography.com