About "Us"

Hey! I'm Sam

Originally from Wellington, however we have been living in the Queenstown for Ssometime. Now calling Sunshine Coast, Australia home.

I graduated from the The Photography Institute gaining a Diploma of Professional Photography.

I love all things photography, the presence I feel for the colours, sensation and vibes draws me to capturing unique and magnificent moments and sharing theses with all. 

Addicted to the feelings that nature can improve your talent and skills drawing you back to always wanting more. capturing different colours and different ideas.

Photography relates to me as conspect of Meditation when I get out in to nature and watch the stars rotate around me. 

When you put yourself behinf the eyecup of the camera everything changes. - Theres not thoughts outside of what your doing. you are finaly in moment.

That’s me! But now let me introduce you to my brilliant partner Javi.

Her creativity with poses and looking for that fine detail is next level. You’ll see her assisting me with a range of photography work. Fun Fact a trained massage therapist and yoga instructor.

We also plan to get involved in underwater photography later down the track.

Thanks for stoping by!

Sam & Javi