How To Photograph Colourful Sunrise

Just wanted to quickly outline two fundamentals that will assist you when trying to photograph colourful sunrises and sunset. Apart from using Manuel Mode and shooting multiple shots and blending them in Photoshop.

  • One area that I look for is Cloud Cover, high cloud cover helps catch the colour. I like to look for a range between from 40% - 80% cloud cover. If it's less than 40% you also can apply a ND Filter and do a long exposure. This will also help add some colour and attraction to the sky.

    Even if the cloud cover is high, we still don’t know the clouds will form. 
  • The second area to complete the equation is Humidity. Humidity is similar to cloud cover, high percentage (MAX 80%) equals to those bright and beautiful reds. Too much Humidity it becomes to wet, and there won’t be any colour. 

 The cloud cover helps catch those beautiful colours and holds on to it longer the more cloud cover there is. Remember two arrive earlier than Sunrise (during First Light) and you’ll be able to witness beauty. 

I hope this gives a quick brief understanding on how you can capture some great colour in your own work.

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